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Kool Sun-Rockabillies On the Air!

I first heard of Tommy Blake via “Rockabilly Country” on BFBS in February 1983. The host, Dave Simmons, had conjured up a theme show entitled “Loony Tunes.” Amongst other weird tracks from the long lost age of Rock’n’Roll, he played Tommy Blake’s $ F–olding Money $. The song blew my mind and introduced me to the world of trash, I later explored at greater lengths. Tomorrow will find that very piece of kool and other hot items by Tommy Blake in the mix of our Rock’n’Roll and Rock-a-Billy slots. Bear Family’s “The Sun Years, Plus” is a fine compilation of his recorded output. From the tiny Texas label Buddy, he went to RCA. Chet Atkins couldn’t deal with the tuff con man and his dubious entourage and Blake took the Presley trip in the opposite direction – to Sun Records…

The life story of Blake and his cohorts reads like a genuine Southern Gothic story and would make a great movie. Until someone catches up on the idea and comes up with the dough – listen to Bear Family Radio!

Joining Blake in the mix will be his labelmate Hayden Thompson. When the hep cat scene started back in the early 1990s, Hayden Thompson was amongst its major role models. His looks and sound combined all the essentials of his Rockabilly predecessors, making him the quintessential Duke of Cool back in 1957. Bear Family’s “The Sun Years, Plus” has the anthemic Rockabilly Gal and all his other great stuff!

Bear Family Radio – New Schedule

Starting March 1, 2015


00.00h – 02.00h     Rhythm & Blues and Soul
02.00h – 04.00h     Rockabilly and Hillbilly Boogie
04.00h – 06.00h     Western Music and Cowboy Swing
06.00h – 08.00h     Rock & Roll
08.00h – 10.00h      Easy Listening, Pop, World & Folk
10.00h – 12.00h      Country
12.00h – 14.00h      Rhythm & Blues and Soul
14.00h – 16.00h      Western Music and Cowboy Swing
16.00h – 18.00h      Rock & Roll
18.00h – 20.00h      Rockabilly and Hillbilly Boogie
20.00h – 22.00h     Easy Listening, Pop, World & Folk
22.00h – 24.00h     Country


As weekdays, but in addition:
08.00h – 09.00h     Gospel
20.00h – 21.00h      Gospel

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Sit back, enjoy and drive head first into the world of vintage music, from the early days to the heydays of country and rock. We are bringing you all the big names, from Hank Williams to Johnny Cash, from Jerry Lee Lewis to Ricky Nelson. You can hear all the great ‘classics,’ plus many hidden treasures – compiled by experts from Bear Family Records, the world’s leading re-issue label.
Lehnen Sie sich zurück und genießen Sie die Welt der Vintage-Musik: Entdecken Sie wahre Schätze aus der Anfangszeit der Plattenindustrie und verfolgen Sie die Spur bis hin zu den Klassikern des Rock & Roll und der Country-Musik. Hören Sie die großen Hit-Garanten wie Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis und Ricky Nelson! Neben den Meilensteinen entdecken Sie auch Rohdiamanten und verloren gegangene Juwelen – zusammengetragen auf den Preisgekrönten Boxen von Bear Family Records!

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